Pictures from our lastest class reunion, July 24, 1999.
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Thanks to Sally Marks, Lou Keyes and Alice Dunnavant for the following pics

The Class of 1969 assembled to have a group photo shot by professional photographer Kelly Nelson, here we are all trying to get into position to hide all those wrinkles and bludges.
Four tents were pictched in the back yard for shade and in case of rain, but the gods were with us and two thunder storms skirted us and the cooling winds brougtht a welcome relief from the scorching heat.
Perry the bartender. Thanks to Perry our beverages were refreshed in record time and the party was a big hit. "How bout a cool one?" was his favorite refrain.
Debbie Jackson Davis and Paul Wilson took time out from a very important conversation to pose for a quick snapshot.
Our hostess with the mostest... Alice Dunnavant. "If not for her help and kindness the reunion would have never worked. I got a keeper!" Says husband Tom.
Martha Woodfin, Cheryl Wilson and Penny Fry... all wifes of Class of 69er' compare notes. "There must have been something in the water!"
Over eighty people gathered on that cool summer night to catch up and reminice.
Eve Pendleton Schrader now lives in Hot Springs Arkansaw where she is a licensed masusse, Lester Gassaway is a building contractor in Cleveland, Tenn and Donna French Townsend is an investigator for the sheriff's department in her home of East Lancing, Mich.
Martha Woodfin held court most of the afternoon and evening looking at our senior year book. Here she discusses yet another surprise with Alice Dunnavant.
Jennifer Smith, Sandy Jacobs and Beverly Braden Holt took time out to compare notes on the younger generation.
Steve Putman who flew in from Indiana and Oliver Harris "got down" in the game room. Word is that Steve and Ollie have a record deal!
"It was a real sad song, yall!" "I couldn't help crying!" ... said Sally Johnson Marks
The class reunion committee, Tom Dunnavant and Sally Marks..."We'll have the next one at my house" said Sally.
Kelly Nelson stayed with us until almost Midnight and we expect some more good pics from her soon. Her, she is with Sally Marks.
There was a whole lot of shaking going on as Tom Dunnavant, Paul Wilson and Steve Putman joined in harmony.
Larry Grigsby came all the way from Valdosta, Ga to hang with the crowd. He retired from the air force last year.
"Hey... who cooked the Chicken?" The event was catered by Whitt's BBQ and enjoyed by everyone ... especially Greg Taylor.
The Gay Blades were out in force at the reunion... here Don Kennemer, Richard Booth, Sam King and Ray Smith plan their next panty raid.
Kay Young from the Class of 67 showed up to say hey to Cheryl Wilson and Jimmy Fry... who also served as our master of ceromonies.
Greg, Carla, Jimmy, Penny and Bill Nelson compare notes on the back porch.
Sandy Jacobs and wife Terrie (Left) drove down from St. Louis, Mo where he has a construction company and she is a registered nurse.
Cold beer and good fiends helped make the hot afternoon comfortable. Here Don Kennermer, David Mark, Ray Smith and Squaty Wilson do everything in their power to keep cool.
Squaty and Steve
Calvin Covington (Right) joins in with other Gay Blade members as they head inside to get another one from Perry the Bartender.
Jesse (Shep) Evans got to the party just in time to have his picture made with David and Sally Marks, Pat Turner and Jimmy Fry.
Calvin Covington and Lou Keyes...(you may remember her as "Betty Lou Keyes"), class of 1972 have become quite an item here in Athens. Don't they make a wonderful couple.
Alice Dunnavant and Kay Osterheld Davis got a little antimated as Kay told about teaching music in Florence at a middle school.
Debbie Jackson Davis and Calvin Covington discussed the new loves in there life. Debbie married Jerry Davis, a coach for Athens Middle School a few months ago.
Harold Woodfin knows a good thing when he sees it. Here, he finds himself between the former "Miss Tennessee Valley Exposition" Donna French Townsend and Lou Keyes.
The Class of 1969 had a great time!

Classmate from the back row left are... Ray Smith, Richard Booth, Greg Rich, Don Kennermer,Calvin Covington, Oliver Harris, Tom Dunnavant, Harold Woodfin, Greg Taylor, Steve Putman, Larry Grisby, Nancy Hendrix Johnson, Tim Collier. Second Row from Left ... Bill Nelson, Jimmy Fry, Paul Wilson, Bill Menton, Joe Warren, Kay Osterheld Davis, Sandy Jacobs, Sally Johnson Marks, David Marks, Betty Burrougs Covington, Lester Gassaway, Dona French Townsend. Third Row seated from left... Pat Turner, Debbie Jaclson Davis, Janice Whitt Roberts, Eve Pendelton Schrader, Beverly Braden Holt, Carla Higgins Stagner.

More pictures !!, yes... Sandy Jacobs Contributed the following.

Billy and Jan Hargrove are still married after all those years. Billy will soon retire from TVA and Jan has retired from teaching from good old AHS, but has a decorating business with her sister in downtown Athens. Sandy, thinks he might need some decorating .
Good looking women were every where you looked at our class reunion. Her we find Sally, Alice, Janice and Nancy discussing beauty secrets and the latest styles. GEE... what looks best with beer?.
While our photographer was on the roof to take our group shot, Squaty tired to hurry her up. Here he was head to say... "Hurry up and take our pictures... I have to Pee!.
Sandy, Greg and Steve helped themselves to some good old Whitt's Barbque. "You know... Whitts could make a lot of money if they opened a store in St. Louis" said Sandy..."and Indianopolis too"... chimed in Steve.
"I'd like to take this opportunity to tell everone how much i love my wife without whose help and approval, i would have never been able to pull this off. Here she is behind me again... what did i do to deserve her, i'll never know, but i'll just thank my lucky stars. And... thank yall for comming, lets stay in touch!"
Alice and Steve are getting down! Steve really came out of his shell during the evening and is planing on a new career back in Indanapolis where he is going to sing the national anthem at a Colts game! Keep your day job Steve!
Sally works for the Limestone County DA's office as the Victem's Advocate. Both Larry and Ollie said they were victems!.
Ray, Don and Sandy stopped chatting about the upcomming football season just long enough to strike a pose. "For one thing, the beer will be cold this season" said Don.
Jerry Davis was able to snag Debbie in the last year! Congraduations Jerry! Good luck Debbie. Bill and Kathy Nelson live in the Shoals where he works an the aluminum plant.
Ollie and Lester did several Duets. Ollie just picked out another one and Lester is Ready to get down!
Cheryl had such a good time she wanted to tell eveyone that they were number one! I think Sandy Jacobs took this picture and Cheryl is about to tell him that he is Number One too!
"Man i've having a good time" said Sandy. "Me too!" replied Janice "What do you think Squaty?." "Me?" "I think i will have another Beer!"

And... Even More pictures !!, Thanks to Kelly Nelson for the following snaps!.

Alice, Nancy and Sally's rendition fo the supremes was a real hoot. As the evening wore on, the singer came out in force.
Betty got into the fray as she was able to nudge Sally away from the microphone for a few moments.
"I know you want to leave me, but i refuse to let you go... If i have to beg and plead for your sympathy, i don't mind cause you mean that much to me, Anint to proud to beg and pled baby, please don't leave me girl.........." David still knows all the words and did well with a little help from his friends.
Here they are together one more time,

"The Sweethearts of the Reunion."

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