Professional Internet Site Consulting, Design and Implementation Services

Internet Consulting Services

We are professionals when it comes to the Internet and we can save you thousands of dollars in helping you understand and implement your entrance into this new medium.

We can guide you towards the best sources of clean un-obstructed bandwidth, various telecommunication options to deliver your bandwidth or just simple dial up connectivity.

While many can build a Web site, it takes a skilled professional with a keen understanding of the various elements and capabilities of todays browsers to efectively plan and design a site at the lowest possible cost with the highest possible hit count. What good is a lot of eye candy if no one comes to see it.

We can effectively guide your organization thru the various stages of planning, design and implementation from conception to completion. We'll assist you in determining your site objectives such as...

  1. Reduce Distribution costs of promotional material.
  2. Provide the latest new product information to customers.
  3. Survey Customers and create new business opportunities.
  4. Increase International distribution and market penetration.
  5. Conduct Electronic Commerce.
  6. Reduce your customer-service costs.
  7. Support your existing advertising and Marketing Efforts.
  8. Provide product directions to your customers.

And we will help you avoid the mistakes many companies make with their initial attempt at a web site.

  1. We will help you identify your site goal.
  2. Assit you in Implementing a plan to keep your site fresh.
  3. Integrate the web initiative with that of the company's.
  4. Refine the experience you're offering your visitor.
  5. Impove customer services with the latest in techology.
  6. Show you how to capatilize on the power of e-mail.
  7. Make it easy for people to get to your content with impoved navigation tools.
  8. Capitalize on the unique characteristics of the medium.
Plus we can assit you in determining your web site budget:

The cost of a web site varies greatly, depending on your requirements. It is important to define your objectives at the very begining! We'll assist you in dertermining who should do you actual coding. It could be you have the resources to do it in house, perhaps now. We will help you discover the champion in your organization who has the best skills to lead your organization thru this rewarding experence or we can become that champion for you. When you consider all the elements required to complete and matain an effective web site, you can better appreciate the cost.

Web Developer Selection Guide

1. Does their business card have an e-mail address on it? A URL? If they do not use the medium, how good can they be at creating it?

2. What is the corporate Web site like? Their own site should represent their shining hour. Does it load quickly? Does it work for surfers who cannot view images. (Try viewing it with your browser's graphics button turned off.) Can you find your way around easily? Are there any typos? Don't even consider hiring developments who don't have their own sites.

3. What are the URL's of some of the sites they have created? What are they like? What kind of impression do they give you of the type of business they represent? Would you go back to the sites?

4. How long have they been doing this? The Web as most people know it has been around for a few years. An "experienced" developer is expected to have had at least a year of Web site building experience.

5. How do they stay on top of new developments? What conferences and trade shows do they attend? What magazines do they read regularly? Which newsgroups do they frequent? What industry associations do they belong to.

6. What other types of communication projects do they work on regularly? The Web is an amalgamation of many media. Does the firm have a background in print, video, or even better: Multimedia design?

7. Do they truly understand communications, marketing, advertising, and video? What kind of work have they done in the past? If it's not related to communication, you are wasting your time.

8. Do they fully grasp the limitations of current Internet technology? Try looking at their sites via a typical user's 28.8 Kbps modem and a 16 color monitor. A good web developer knows how to design for the lowest common denominator.

9. Do they have experience with sophisticated programming languages and other techniques? They should know UNIX, CGI, Java, Active X, and Shockwave, or at least have access to freelancers that do.

10. Do they do custom software development? How were the interactive features on the previous site they built created? Did they write the programs themselves, or did they use someone else's code?

11. What tools do they use to streamline the development process? How do they handle image and file labeling and management? What systems do they have in place to make the development process more efficient.

12. Do they understand your organization's objectives and goals? They will demonstrate this by asking you lots of questions, not trying to sell you on lots of technological gimmicks.

13. Do they offer marketing and public relations services and support? Promoting a web site online takes a lot more than just submitting it to a couple search engines. An experienced Web developer will know the secrets of getting your site noticed.

The Dunnavant Group will help you every step of the way, including ...
  • Concept Development
  • Specifications and Planning
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Production
  • Content Integration
  • Software Integration
  • Testing and Quality Control
  • Launch and Marketing
  • Content and Technology Maintenance
  • Tracking Usage
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