Robert Vernon Dunnavant Jr.

June 29,1947 - December 7, 1995

Eulogy delivered by Tom Dunnavant
Limestone Chapel, Athens, Alabama
December 9, 1995

Over most of Bobís 48 years, I knew him as a brother. Sometimes he took on the role of big brother, but some times he was my little brother. I knew him as a cantankerous old bachelor who was a little on the moody side. I often found myself feeling sorry for him because he never married and never had children and therefore I felt that somehow his life was not fulfilled. Bob never felt he had succeeded in Life. I loved him and our family loved him and in ways that only Bob could do .... he loved us all too.

We engaged in heated debates, often. I think Bob enjoyed a lively discussion more than anyone and there are many here today who could testify to this. Once I recall him saying to me after such an exchange, "Tom, you are wrong and one day youíll find out just how wrong you are, because you just donít have all the facts."

Well in the last couple days I have discovered that the lost our family has shared in the lost of a brother, a son, an uncle, a nephew, and a cousin was just the tip of the iceberg.

Bobís life was totally consumed with nurturing and caring for others and over the past few days you have over whelmed us with your testimonies. He was friend to many. Countless people have told me how he occupied a special place in their families. To many he was friend, to some brother, father, mentor, son, teacher, councilor, nature lover, story teller, employer, advocate, adversary, photographer, colleague, disk jockey, historian, author, farmer, comic, campaign manger, businessman, publisher, editor, and motivator and most of all Bob was a southern gentleman.

Bob was right. I ...... "just didnít have all the facts."

His life was fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams.

I was honored to know Bob. To have been his brother, I was blessed.

The family wishes to convey our thanks to you for the many kind expressions of sympathy you have shown to us. We are overwhelmed.

On Saturday, December 16th at 2PM we will scatter Bobís remains at the old Dunnavant Home Place in Pettusville near the grave of his beloved "Sally" You are invited to join us in a farewell solute. Maps to the site are located here near the podium.

Thank you.
Tom Dunnavant

Bob's Books

Over 100 of Bob's closest friends joined us on that beautiful December day. It was if Bob had arranged the best possible weather for the event. The sun was out, the sky was blue and only a faint breeze blew from the south bringing a surprizing warmth to what we had expected to be a cold winter's day. We toasted his accomplishments and his life and shared our favorite" Bob Stories ". D.J. Clanton was on hand to help euloigize him, reciting one of his favorite poems.

Bob had requested that his body be cremated and scattered near the grave of his beloved dog. We followed his request.

At the conclusion of the services and everyone had had their say, Bill Swindell slid his harmonica out and played Dixie. It was a fitting tribute to an a proud southern gentleman who died too damn soon.