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Little Darling #1
Robert V. Dunnavant Jr.
June 29th, 1947 - Dec 7, 1995
journalist, author
Athens State College
Little Darling #2
William Edward Dunnavant
July 5th, 1948
boadcasting executive
Athens State College
Little Darling #3
Thomas Crutcher Dunnavant
Nov 18, 1950
sales manager internet services
University of Alabama
Little Darling #4
Ronald Glynn Dunnavant
May 7th, 1952
coach, principal
Athens State College

Little Darling #5
Donald Lynn Dunnavant
May 7th 1952 - May 9th 1952
angel, first class
Little Darling #6
James Homer Dunnavant
July 5, 1955
celluar phone executive
Jacksonville State University
Little Darling #7
Andrew Keith Dunnavant
Nov 2, 1965
journalist, author, publisher
University of Alabama

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Six Dunnavant brothers have graduated from Athens High School. A scholarship in honor of their father and brother is presented to an Athens High gard each year.

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